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  • China’s innovation-driven practices call for indigenous economic theories


  • Robert Kuhn: Documenting China’s poverty battle

Dialogue ?

  • Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, president of The Kuhn Foundation and China Reform Friendship Medal Recipient, has been highly involved in recording the Chinese people&rsquo;s great fight in eliminating extreme poverty.
  • Italian scholar hails BRI as boon to world’s future

News ?

  • In a recent interview with CSST, Rocco Lacorte, an Italian scholar and associate professor of Marxism at Nankai University in China, expressed his perspectives on the Belt and Road Initiative and the factors contributing to its noteworthy success.
  • Chinese wisdom in addressing global issues

Special Coverage ?

  • The Ba Mausoleum of Emperor Wen of Han, the third emperor of the Western Han Dynasty, is a large-scale mausoleum on the White Deer Plain in Xi'an, S…
  • Yinxu, situated at present-day Xiaotun Village, Anyang, Henan Province, was a seat of royal power for the last nine Shang kings, from Wu Ding to Di …


Book Review



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