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> Brief News

Promoting cross-sector integration of museums

| 2018-05-31 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

The cultural resources of museums are increasingly being integrated with modern production and life. Realizing cultural innovation in cross-industry and diversified integration will have profound impact on the development of cultural industries and undertakings, said Li Gang, director of Jilin Provincial Museum, at an activity of the International Museum Day held at Jilin Provincial Museum on May 18.

Museums should intensify the integration with industries of modern service, new media, education and information to forge diversified cultural and creative platforms, maximizing resource opening and social sharing, Li said.

Li said museums have such favorable factors as collection resources, space allocation, cultural communication and intellectual resources to achieve cross-sector integration. They may take advantage of shared social services, cultural tourism, intellectual property and information dissemination to realize the convergence and co-building with other industries in society, forming a museum cultural circle with long-time development. This is not only beneficial for museums to spread traditional Chinese culture, but also an inevitable trend of the rapid development of emerging cultural industries, Li added.


(edited by YU HUI)

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